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Rotary template depositor

RST Rotary template depositor

The Rotary Template Depositor is designed and built for the easy stenciling of soft dough, pastes and aerated masses. All stencil proved masses are actually possible, as long as the dough is still flexible and in slow flowing condition. If in doubt, the consistence of the mass can be checked and proved with trials made by us. Traditional cookie dough is too stiff and not recommended.





The advantages of this new stencilling method are:

  • Higher productivity
  • Automatic repeat and cycle synchronization
  • Less damage to aerated foam masses
  • Adaptation of the product by height and length
  • Minimal cleaning for batch changing (transport cart included)
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • Automatic feeding and level control of the dough possible
  • Easy mounting to most oven band conveyors

RST machines are available in 4 Standard widths: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.


  • Less damage to the foam masses
  • Automatic feeding possible
  • Product coating from 15 to 160mm dia
  • Adaptation of the product in height by drum adjustment
  • No repeat and automatic synchronization with oven band
  • Production speed from 1.2 to 32 meters/minute
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • Minimal cleaning for batch changing
  • Side traction with oven band possible
  • Correction in length of product during production


Automatic feeding device (Optional)

Optional automatic feeding device for RST with controlled feeding of the aerated mass, paste, etc. The spreading movement by a horizontal stroke can be controlled and set automatically by the RST controller. The unit can be ordered as a mobile unit with docking ports on the sub-frame oras a standard unit mounted at the sub-frame.



With the Rotary Template Depositor we can achieve a production speed of up to 32 meters/minute. However, it is very advisable to take the length of the oven (conveyor) into consideration when determining baking time.



  • Anodized aluminium side sections and connections
  • Coating hopper made of stainless steel and bras approved for food use
  • Coating roller, thickness and form depending on the products
  • Stainless steel control unit
  • Coating speed depending on the product and baking time

The synchronization of the RST with the conveyor speed can be set by an incremental transmitter with speed measurement mounted at the steel tail pulley. To improve the shape and quality of the cookie shape the synchronization speed can be set manually by a code switch in the range of approx. 5% slower or faster than the conveyor speed.


The machine can also be used for the stencilling of chocolate or for the deposit of tomato paste directly onto a biscuit.












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