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Since 1979 REISDORF AG has provided tailor-made solutions for the development, design and manufacture of special machines and equipment for industrial purposes, these mainly include:

Automation and Development Projects, Engineering...

  • Manufacture of production machines of all types from quotation to customer acceptance
  • Design for general mechanical and apparatus engineering
  • Automation and rationalisation of working processes
  • Revolving machines, automatic assembly machines
  • On-line assembly machines

Special machines for the Food Industry such as...

  • Rotary templete depositor for the rotary coating of foam-masses, up to 1500mm
  • Almond and nut dispenser with proportioning device
  • Automatic loading of nut-or/and almond dispenser incl.level control
  • Calibrating stations with sprung calibrating inserts
  • Albumen-suger-binder dispenser with spreading motion and automatic loading

Development and Manufacture of Prototypes...

  • Engineering and design

Recycling presses for Aluminium and Steel Beverage cans...

Our wealth of specialised knowledge enables us to provide tailor-made solutions for complete plants quickly and cost-effectively.

We are active internationally and provide a broad spectrum of products and services.We also participate in trade fairs and exhibitions on a regular basis.


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